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Peinture René - Create your inner world with eco-friendly colour

The painting company René Spolaore, created in 2010 in Luxembourg, offers a transformation of your inner and outer world.


Quality ! Awareness, Customer based !


We are in possession from our Scaffolding


Damage of water, Restauration of cracks, Old Buildings, Mold, Alga

Protection for Wood and Corrosion

Windows, Doors, Balustrade, Shutters Garden furniture Facade in Wood Furnitures Floors Various


Laminat andParquet Crack degreasing ang egalisation Floor in epoxid Wood, PVC and Design Linoleum and Carpet


Scaffoldin, Color, Plastering, Renovation, Restauration, Isolation

Dry Laying

Drywall, Fire protection, Soundproofing, Expansion of the Granary, Isolation


Colors, Wallpaper, Blinds, Valances, Floors and decoration


Wallpaper, Vlies, Fiberglass, Tissues, Poster, Fotos

Clay and Lime

Color, different decoration and stucco techniques

Bild Blins, Valances and Accessories

Double Roller Plissée Japanese Vertical and Horizontal Blinds Manual or electrique, different colors and cut, Deliver and Pose

Thermal Isolation

Inside and Outside, Facade, Attic, Cellar

Partners and Certifications

We work together with the best and most sustainable


Our Store

Safe Your Time. Earn Expertise

Re-looking of our shop from the 1st of January 2018.

From 2018 on, you don’t need to spend useless kilometers to get high quality products and individual consulting. Besides our products, we offer our huge know how in order  to realize your inner world decoration dreams. Nevertheless our current store is alreay open and our team is looking forward to advise you.

Organic Colors
Interior Decoration
Floor Covering

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Partners and Certifications

We work together with the best and most sustainable